Now Available: Special Issue on The Word’s Unity of Existence (English Version)

Date : August 27, 2023

With great pleasure, it is announced that a single-article issue in the field of cognitive science titled “The Word’s Unity of Existence” in the series of "Theoretical Articles," has been published in the Journal of Cosmointel. This article, which was previously presented at the 2022 Arizona Conference on Consciousness (University of Arizona) under the supervision of the Cosmointel Research Institute, is a discourse on the origin of language and grammar. The following is an excerpt from the editorial of "The Word's Unity of Existence."

“What is certain is that to begin speaking and expressing themselves, humans did not actually ever sit down to deliberately invent words, grammar, dialects, or manner of speech. So, where did the grammar originate? Did humans first speak, and then discover the grammar, realizing that their speech adhered to precise principles? Or did they first invent the grammar and then began to speak according to grammatical rules?”

Worth noting, the Farsi version of this article will soon be published in the Journal of Cosmointel.

About the Journal

The Journal of Cosmointel was established in 2022. It is an open-access, multidisciplinary journal that focuses on research related to T⁠-⁠Consciousness. The journal is published on a rolling basis to accommodate authors and allow for the flow of the large volume of written research that has been submitted and is becoming available for publication. Journal access is free to all users; registration will be available in the future to ensure receipt of updates on the publication of issues and news. The journal focuses on Sciencefact research results and is published by Cosmointel Inc.

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