Publication of the 11th issue of the Scientific Journal of Cosmointel in Farsi and English

Date : October 11, 2023

The Journal of Cosmointel is honored to announce the release of its 11th issue available in both Farsi and English language. This issue contains five scientific papers in the field of Physics under the title of “The Effects of Taheri Consciousness Fields on Thermoluminescence Phenomenon: Examining the Function and of T⁠-⁠Consciousness Fields' Effects at the Atomic Level of Matter”. This issue is dedicated to extensive and focused studies in nuclear physics, on a phenomenon called thermoluminescence, using materials known as TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter) chips. When the subject of study, which in these investigations are TLD discs, is affected by T⁠-⁠Consciousness Fields, their behavior changes relative to the control.

About the Journal

The Journal of Cosmointel was established in 2022. It is an open-access, multidisciplinary journal that focuses on research related to T⁠-⁠Consciousness. The journal is published on a rolling basis to accommodate authors and allow for the flow of the large volume of written research that has been submitted and is becoming available for publication. Journal access is free to all users; registration will be available in the future to ensure receipt of updates on the publication of issues and news. The journal focuses on Sciencefact research results and is published by Cosmointel Inc.

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