Historical Events

The articles in Cosmointel’s Historical Events may not necessarily reflect the terminology and translation used in the recent publications. To ensure you have access to the most accurate translations and terminology, please refer to the new publications.
Study of Faradarmani Therapy on Schizophernia (A case study)

In 8 months, Faradarmani was performed on a woman with schizophrenia. According to the detailed standard, and medical examinations, she improved essentially. The MMPI II test, confirmed her current normal psychological status. The results demonstrate that Faradarmani had essential and noticeable effects on decreasing of schizophrenia and dysthymia symptoms.

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Daneshe-Pezeshki Magazines

The Daneshe-Pezeshki (Medical Knowledge) magazines were originally published in Farsi between 2010 and 2011. Studies published in these magazines examined the effect of Fardarmani and Psymentology on a wide variety of illnesses and disorders, including bronchiectasis, patients awaiting lung transplants; infertility; and cancer; as well as a variety of case studies demonstrating patients with different health issues and ailments who were successfully recovered through utilizing Fardarmani and Psymentology. Also discussed in the magazines were Fardarmani and Psymentology principles and scientific explanations for their effectiveness written by Mohammad Ali Taheri and the team of doctors and researchers.

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About the Journal

The Journal of Cosmointel was established in 2022. It is an open-access, multidisciplinary journal that focuses on research related to T⁠-⁠Consciousness. The journal is published on a rolling basis to accommodate authors and allow for the flow of the large volume of written research that has been submitted and is becoming available for publication. Journal access is free to all users; registration will be available in the future to ensure receipt of updates on the publication of issues and news. The journal focuses on Sciencefact research results and is published by Cosmointel Inc.

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